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Dear passengers! Flight is arriving at Incheon airport now. “PSY International Airlines” thanks you for granting us the opportunity to serve you! We wish you a good time in Seoul!

HardcoreBLINK stepped on Korean ground, and passed through customs control. In the center of the departure lounge, he noticed a short bald man dressed in a brown business suit, holding a cardboard sign that says: “HardcoreBLINK”. Sometimes, random people showed him appreciative gestures, mistakenly thinking he wanted to express his love for Blackpink.

​”Good morning! You must be Mr. Won?”
“Please accept my sincere salutations, Mr. HardcoreBLINK! Follow the path, please. The car is waiting outside.”

yg entertainment, blink, k-pop, kpop, yg, kill this love, fanfic, fanfiction, koreaboo, satire, comedy, humorThere was luxury “Hyundai Genesis”. The driver helpfully opened the passenger side door. HardcoreBLINK sat in the back, while Mr.Won chose a seat beside the driver.

“I am honored, to introduce you to YG Entertainment – the most powerful company in the Korean music industry,” Mr.Won said pretentiously.

After a long silence, the driver took the floor.

“My son has become BTS fan recently. He likes that silver haired girl most of all… emmm, I forgot her name… When she is dancing, even I feel a strong erection, hahhaa! Hot as hell, yes?” Said the driver merrily.

“I am sorry Mister, that group has no girl members,” HardcoreBLINK answered.
“Oh, really?”
“It’s a boy group. I think you are talking about Jimin.”
“Khm… ok,” driver’s face clouded over with embarrassment .

All were silent for the rest of the way.

When the car arrived at YG Entertainment headquarters, HardcoreBLINK spotted a group of people who were waiting near the office.

“Mr. Won, who are these girls and boys with American flags? Why are they standing outside the entrance?”
“Trainees, sir. Each of them wants to debut, solo or in a group. They hope you will notice and like them.”
“Ah, I see.”
“An-nyeong-ha-se-yo!” The crowd synchronously waved to him, then bowed low.
“Emm… Good morning,” HardcoreBLINK said coldly, climbing the stairs to the building.

Mr. Won helpfully opened a door.

“Welcome to the castle of k-pop, Mr. HardcoreBLINK! A place where Big Bang, 2ne1, Winner, Ikon and Blackpink were born!”
“Why is it so dark here? Is it to save electricity?”
“Nobody knows, sir. This was an order given by Mr.Yang. He inspected the building and gave some orders to the technical team.”
“Hmm… when fans called it “dungeon” they weren’t joking, were they?”

HardcoreBLINK accidentally hit his knee on the furniture.

“Ouch! I better use my flashlight,” he said, then pulled up his smartphone and turned on the flashlight.
“Mr.Blink, let me guide you through this building! What do you want to see first?”
“The basement.”
“Why, don’t you want to visit the cafeteria? Aren’t you hungry?”
“No, thank you, Mr.Won. I want to visit Blackpink at the dance hall, which is in the basement.”
“Sir, you knowledge is impressive. Have you ever seen our office?”
“Of course not. I just know all about my girls.”
“I hope it’ll help you to rule the biggest entertainment company in Korea.”

“So, are they at the dance hall now?”
“Let me check their schedule, Mr. HardcoreBLINK. Yes, they just began a training session.”
“Very well, Mr.Won, I think I can handle it now. Thank you for your guidance.”
“Glad to help, sir! Call me anytime you want.”

Mr.Won disappeared in the darkness of the corridor while HardcoreBLINK moved down to the basement. His heart beat rapidly at the thought of seeing the members of his favorite girl group. Despite being excited, he was outwardly confident. Finally, he reached his destination and stood in front of the dance hall door. There was no music, but someone was shouting: 1, 2, 3, 4! 1, 2, 3, 4!

No doubt Blackpink are behind this door. I recognize Jisoo’s voice,

he thought, then took a deep breath and entered. Four ladies were practicing gymnastics, in front of mirror, bending their upper body to the ground.

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“Oh, good morning!”
Jennie: “You’ve got to be our new CEO!”
Jisoo: “Nice to meet you!”

Lisa whispered something in Jisoo’s ear.

Jisoo to Rosé:
“Why is he just standing there with his mouth open?”
Rosé: “How can we help you?”

Jennie comes closer to HardcoreBLINK and looks at him square in the face.

Jennie: “Mister, are you ok?”

HardcoreBLINK suddenly fell to the ground.

Jennie (putting her hands on her cheeks): “Oh my God!”

The girls encircled his body.

Lisa: “Did he die?”
Jisoo: “We need to check his pulse.”
Jennie: “Maybe we should call the paramedics?”
Rosé: “Wait, I’ll check his pulse.”

Rosé got down on her knees. She took HardcoreBLINK’s hand in hers, and held it tight to her chest, trying to find a pulse rhythm.

Jisoo: “Did you find his pulse?”
Rosé: -“Ermm, I’m not skilled in this, but I’m feeling nothing.”

Lisa: “He is dying! I’ll do external cardiac massage!”

Lisa is sitting on top of HardcoreBLINK and trying to provide highly unskilled cardiac massage. Rosé is still trying to find where to measure one’s pulse in a hand.

Jennie: “Guys, I think he’s just…”
Rosé: “I think you should give mouth-to-mouth, in these situations.”
Jennie: “He’s not dead, he…”
Jisoo: “Exactly! Clever Rosé! I will do it right now!”
Rosé: “…..don’t forget to block up his nose.”

Jisoo is going down on her knees and bending towards HardcoreBLINK’s face. Meanwhile, there are sounds of someone talking in the corridor outside the dance hall. The sounds become closer and closer. Finally, it stops.

“That was the point of no return, so don’t beg me. Why? Because you’re a fucking junkie! Nah, stop talking, man . IKON is fine, which is exactly what I can’t say about you. Is it time for a new dose now? I’ll let you go. Bye, you piece of shit!”

Yang Hyun-suk ended a call, and entered the practice room.


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