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The Beginning

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Yang Hyun-suk is sitting in his YG office and looking out of the window. He turned on speakerphone.

“Mr. Yang, Mr.Won is here to see you. Topic: social media report,”the  secretary said.
“Let him in for a bit,” he answered.

Later in Mr.Won entered into the office. He’s a short, bald, 45-50 year old man.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Yang! Please accept the report dedicated to a recent social media activity and YG’s measures to it.”

But suddenly, his voice started trembling a bit which hinted that there was something wrong with the report.

“Gosh, 96 pages of lame graphics and 12 pages of “popular comments” from the most infamous trolls. Are you kidding me? Did you really think I would read this garbage?”

“But it was a rule that…” Mr. Won tries to explain.

“Ok, ok!” Hyun-suk begins to the turn pages. “Tell me the most key moments of the report.”

Thereafter Mr. Won started explaining, “Sir, it’s all good with IKON and WINNER fans, but we have a serious problem with Blinks. Most of them heavily criticize our company. They wrote that making dolls was a stupid idea, YG did nothing for Blackpink and we are ruining their group.”

“What!?” Mr.Yang became angry upon hearing that. “Why do some pathetic trolls think they know how to manage a group? For example…”

He turns pages, then finds something.

“For example, him. Just listen to what a load of shit he wrote on the forums:

“Hiatus, really?” Hyun-suk’s face got wrinkled.  “Hiatus? All right, all right. Who is that guy?” He asks frowning at it heavily.
“There’s got to be some sort of nickname written on the left side,” Mr. Won answered.
“HardcoreBLINK, sir. One of the most dedicated Blackpink fans from America.”
“Now record what I’m about to say and send him an answer.”
“Ok, sir!”

Dear Mr. HardcoreBLINK!

This is Mr. Yang Hyun-suk, CEO of YG Entertainment. Thank you for supporting our projects! Your dedication and optimism deserves respect. However,when I read your last post I was filled with sadness. YG team did a huge world tour for Blackpink, the tickets were all sold out, we did a dozen of incredible shows which will remain a long time in memory of fans.

The reason why you criticize is because you know nothing about music business and promotion. You have never worked in the industry and can’t detect what we should do. Please, respect our job and let us do what we know best. I want to thank you again for your support.

With regards,
Mr. Yang Hyun-suk

“Won, send this letter to him as soon as possible and tell me the answer.”
“Sure, Mr.Yang.” the secretary replies.
“You can go now.” And with that Yang dismissed him.

Mr.Won exited and closed the door. Yang is looking out of the window again. There were sounds of PSY’s concert coming across somewhere in the city.

Stupid fans. Perverts. Ignorant people. They only want to date and marry their biases. But fans are bringing us money. A lot of money from naïve teenagers. How tired… How tired I am of this industry of the fake. I wanna leave or I will jump off from this window one day.

When was my last vacation: five, seven years ago? Probably it was before 2ne1 début. I want to live somewhere on the mountains, without Internet, without lies, without this dirty shit around.

Suddenly a call from secretary, Ms.Way, interrupted his thinking. That made him aware of his surroundings again and blink back to reality.

“Mr. Yang, here comes Mr.Won again. Topic: social media report.”
“Let him in!”

Won entered into the office and started his conversation.

“Our SMM-team did your task and sent your message. We received an answer,” reported Mr.Won.
“Read it.”
“Ermm… Mr.Yang, are you sure you really need it?”
“Why are you questioning? Of course yes. Read it now!” Yang was annoyed.
“Ok, Mr.Yang!” He obeyed.

Dear Mr. Yang Hyun-suk!!

I was very surprised to receive your letter. Being a long-time Blink, I track all YG Entertainment’s activity and know everything about Blackpink members. I want to thank you for gifting us this amazing girl group.

But I can’t hide the truth from you. Things are going wrong. YG has chosen a wrong marketing strategy. You should have sent IKON on the world tour instead of Blackpink. Many resources were spent by Winner, that time has been lost to consolidate Blackpink’s positions in USA. “Big Hit” used our passive strategy to move BTS up to the top while you organized useless tour around European villages.

Please, reconsider your marketing plans. Blinks don’t need dolls. Blinks need a comeback with the full album and two music videos as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

“Oh, really? Who is that guy?”
“His real name is ****. He is living in America and he’s one of most popular Blinks among abroad k-pop community. The one who has been supporting Blackpink for a long time. We prepared his bio,” Mr.Won places papers on a Yang’s table.
“Ok, you are free to go now.”

Mr.Won has left the office. Hyun-suk turned on the speakerphone.

“What can I help you with, Mr. Yang?” Ms. Way, the secretary, asked.
“Connect me with HardcoreBLINK. Mr.Won should have left his contacts with you.”
“Just a minute… oh, yes, I see. Connecting with Mr.HardcoreBLINK… please wait, Mr.Yang. Conneсtion established.”

“Is that HardcoreBLINK?”
“Yes, I am. Excuse me, who’s calling?”
“Yang Hyun-suk, CEO of YG Entertainment.”
“What? OMG… nice to meet you Mr. Yang!”
“Listen to me you asshole! Do you think you are so smart that you can give me useless advice while hundreds of people with high education are working on me 12 hours a day!” Hyun-suk said angrily.
“Mr. Yang, I am so sorry, I did not want to hurt you…”

“Now listen to me. I rule this shit for a looong long time now. You were not even born when I started it. And you know what? I am fed up with you. My money will provide a well-fed life for me, my family, my future grandchildren and great-grandchildren! You, Blinks, can suck my dick! I am leaving!”

“Mr. Yang…”

“Don’t interrupt me while I’m talking! I don’t care about Blackpink’s future. I don’t care about what dumb fans will say. Mr. Won showed me a report, you drown YG in shit almost everyday! Do you dislike dolls? Do you want a comeback? Wanna have a deal with Teddy and four no brain chicks? Ok, asshole! I’m not holding on to the position!!!”


“If you think you’re so clever, come  on! Wanna swim in a shitload of K-Pop? This seat is open. You will be disappointed very fast! I will give you a lesson. You will beg for me to return.

Now listen to the news: papers are on my table, I am signing an order which execute shareholders decision (it means my decision). From a next week you will be a captain of this music toilet. You will be a temporary CEO of YG while I will go on my vacations.”

“I am signing papers just now! That’s all, kids! Mr.Won will connect you for further actions. See ya, motherfucker!” Hyun-suk interrupted connection and opened the window to take a fresh breath.

From far away in the city he heard sounds from PSY concert. “Op, oppa-pa! Shake your booty, put the finger in the ass! Yo-ha-ha!” Crowd joyfully sang a new single along with PSY.

These lyrics are even more disgusting than Teddy’s, Hyun-suk thought. Finally freedom. I want to run from this place, purify my mind and soul. He pulls out his smartphone.

“Honey? I’ll be at home soon. I decided to take vacations. Yeah, I want a quiet place without internet. Yes, with a beach. Bye, honey!” An admiring smile appeared on Yang’s face.

PSY is a fat piece of shit. How can people listen to him, he thought at last while closing his office.

“Mr. Yang, are you leaving?” Ms. Way asked.
“Yes. I give you the keys from my office. Pass them to Mr.HardcoreBLINK when he arrives.”
“This will be done, Mr. Yang! Have a nice day!”

Hyun-suk did not say goodbye, just waved by hand. He was already thinking about vacations.

blink, k-pop, kpop, yg, hyun-suk, kill this love, fanfic, fanfiction, koreaboo, satire, comedy, humor

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