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“Mr.Blink, what should I say to her? Cancel the meeting?” Secretary Way asked on the phone line.
“Rosie said if you are not coming in 5 minutes, she won’t be waiting anymore.”
“I am coming.”

HardcoreBLINK hung up, turned on phone’s flashlight and left the room. The corridor was so dark, two people could hardly see each other.

There isn’t any time to wait for Mr.Won to guide me to the office. If I miss Rose´s visit, I will lose the right to be called HardcoreBLINK forever, he thought and started at the timer “4 min 30 sec”, hoping to meet someone on the way.

Unfortunately, nobody was on this floor. So he tried to enter through a  random cabinet, near which 20 teen girls were there.

“I’m sorry for interrupting. Could you point me to the CEO’s office?”
“This is new YG chairman from America!” a girl cried out.

It caused quite a stir. The girls instantly encircled HardcoreBLINK in a swarm of requests.

“I work hard. Put me in the new girl group please!”
“Aren’t my breasts too big for a 14 year-old?”
“Would you listen to my singing?”
“Mr.Blink, please, touch my skin. Isn’t it soft enough for idol standards?” a girl took his hand, and put it on her thigh.

HardcoreBLINK jerked his hand away, and busted out of the crowd, yet the girls tried to surround him again. He tried to speak, but he could barely be heard over all the noise. Wanting to escape the commotion, HardcoreBLINK turned and ran out of the corridor, the crowd of girls racing after him. In all the panic he accidentally hurt his leg on the corner of furniture, pain racing through him. He somehow managed to reach a stairway, the girls breathing down his neck. The pursuit continued through YG corridors. Finally, he entered another stairway, bolted the door and barred it with a mop he found against the wall.

There wasn’t much time to catch his breath. HardcoreBLINK noticed a little blood splattered on his leg. The girls were still on the opposite side, punching, and trying to beat the door down. He looked around, and then decided to make his way up the stairs. A little while later, he heard the girls breaking down the door. He got off on the 6th floor and to his luck saw Mr.Won, who was talking to the security guards.

“Mr. Won, guards, block the doorway on this floor immediately,” HardcoreBLINK said with a perfect poker face and a calm, confident voice despite the adrenaline coursing through him.

The guards rushed to close the door.

“Mr.Blink, what happened? Your leg is wounded. Let me call paramedics.”
“I’m alright, pay no attention to it. Could you tell me the way to my office?”
“You’re almost there, sir. Right through this corridor.”
“Thank you, Mr. Won. Please stop the zombies, I am late to an important meeting.”

Both heard a girlish noise from the stairway.

“Ah, you mean those trainees? What shall we do?”
“Put them in our basement for the time being or they will sabotage my meeting.”
“Clear, sir. It will be done right away.”

Mr. Won spoke to the guards who were blocking the doorway. He took a small megaphone from one of them and started a speech:

The crowd backed off, shouting “Patbingsu!”, “Our new CEO cares about us”. They ran down the stairs.

HardcoreBLINK finally went through the last dark corridor, and saw a figure sitting on the couch. Rosie was impatiently waiting for him. She was wearing a black t-shirt, jean shorts, and white sneakers. HardcoreBLINK pulled himself together, suppressed his fan-girly cries, and made his way to her, his walk cocksure. His leg still hurt, however.

“Greetings, Miss Rosie.”
“Hello!” She instantly got up from the couch. “You should be the new CEO, Mister… ermm..”
“Nice to meet you!” she smiled widely and put out her hand.

“Shall I answer her by shaking hand?” He felt kinda uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Way, a secretary, noticed him.

“Mr.Blink, it’s good you already came. Ms. Rosé is tired of waiting for you!”
“It’s not a big deal, Way. I enjoyed an opportunity to relax on a couch after training,” Rosé answered with a smile.
“Rosé, please accept my apologies. Let’s speak in my office.”

HardcoreBLINK invited her into the CEO’s office, closed the door and sat in an armchair. Similarly, Rose took a seat on the couch.

“You want to talk about Blackpink’s comeback, right?”
” … ”
“I held a meeting just recently. I gave management a task: to prepare a comeback plan urgently. The man who offered to postpone it, turned out to be a JYP spy, as a result of which I fired him. Tomorrow they should put main drafts on the table.”
“Oh, this is so cool, you paid attention to us on the first day! Our Blinks are waiting for new music, so I’m looking forward to it. But, honestly, I came here about another topic.”
“I’m all ears.”
“It’s good you don’t avoid talking with me, like Mr. Yang Hyun-suk did. Mr.Hardcore, I want a solo debut.”
“Solo debut?”
“Yes. What YG did, was unjust towards me. They gave Jennie her “so-lo-lo-lo”, music video, promotion, meanwhile I received nothing. Am I worse than her?”
“No, Rosé. You are a gem.”
“Hee-hee, thanks!”
“Did Mr.Yang plan your solo?”
“I don’t know. He didn’t deny it, but I can’t catch him as he always finds a reason to be busy.”

“Whenever I want to talk about my debut, he answers “Not Today” and begins to sing “Not-not today. Not-not today” while prancing around. It is really annoying.”

She looked like she was holding a serious grudge.

Obviously, Hyun-suk did not want her solo debut. Why? I need to know the reason, HardcoreBLINK thought.

“Rosie, what kind of music do you want?”
“I dream about an acoustic album, with touching ballads sung on my guitar arrangement. I have already composed 12 songs.”
“Only guitar?”
“Yes! Except for one song with a piano.”

She got up and started to walk around.

“Imagine you are sitting somewhere, in mountains near a campfire, looking at stars, and playing songs about love. Simple music with deep feelings…”

With these words, Rosé looked at the window wistfully. HardcoreBLINK desperately tried not stare at her ass in those tight shorts.

Oh dear. This will turn into a flop for sure, he thought. Blackpink’s discography is written by the genius producer Teddy Park. Firstly, blinks wait for new bangers, not ballads or stuff like that. It would be risky to release a bunch of Rosie’s acoustic songs before the group’s comeback. Secondly, it can ruin it all, especially when YG finances’s are not doing well… surely, I must deny her solo now and concentrate all YG resources on the group’s comeback.

Rosie, still staring through the window and talking about her future album, was blissfully unaware of the current situation. Nonetheless, through logical thinking, one question stuck in HardcoreBLINK’s head:

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