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What’s gonna happen if dedicated fan allowed to manage his favorite group?

Mr. HardcoreBLINK was just an obsessed American fan of Korean group BLACKPINK, until one day he accidentally becomes the CEO of YG Entertainment.

How will Mr. HardcoreBLINK deal with the issues raised amongst idols, staff and envious individuals?

Delivered with a large dose of satire and humour, ‘BLACK days, PINK nights’ explores the inner workings of the K-Pop industry and is sure to be a hit amongst both Blinks and K-Pop fans alike.

Testimonials from AKP-users

This was really good!” –


Lmfao~ Start publishing these for real!!!” –


“This might be the best thing I’ve ever came across on this forum. Genuinely funny”


“I needed a good laugh, thank you!” –



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